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kitchen cabinets sunshine coast

Kitchen Design Sunshine Coast

When it comes to kitchen design many elements need to come together in order to elevate the design from one that is purely practical, to something that flows harmoniously, functions so well that the work space is effortless and one that looks flawless in style and finish.


Some of those elements may be obvious ones but very often it’s the subtle features that provide some of the greatest ergonomic benefits.


Smart kitchen design takes into consideration:


  • the space that is available to work with
  • the lifestyle of those using the space
  • how the kitchen is used
  • personal preferences
  • budget for the project
Kitchen Design Sunshine Coast

Quality Kitchen Design

Whether renovating your existing kitchen or designing from new, while consideration is first given to the work zone, this is a triangle shape consisting of sink, stove, oven and fridge. The placement of appliances in the work zone will be dependent on the kitchen layout which, to a degree, will be determined by the size and shape of the space.


It’s also important to ensure your new kitchen connects well with the rest of your home so the flow between spaces or rooms leading into and out of, the kitchen, should be seamless.


Consider these design layouts:


Galley – two rows of benches, cupboards, drawers and appliances separated by a walk way.


U shape – three walls of bench tops, cupboards, drawers and appliances surrounding a larger central floor area.


L shape – a very open shape creating a clear triangle of work space, suitable for smaller kitchens.


G shape – wrap around bench tops, cupboards, drawers and appliances with a clear space for walking in and out of, the kitchen area.


Island – one length of bench, appliances, cupboards and drawers with a free standing island bench top with storage and/or appliances.


These are just a few basic ideas to help you start planning your new kitchen design.


As part of ForeShore Kitchens desire to offer unrivalled customer service, we provide our clients with an all-inclusive design service. We take your ideas, combine them with our creativity and eye for detail, then transform them into a luxury kitchen or bathroom to suit your family’s need.


We provide a complete service including:


  • No obligation free quote
  • Advice in kitchen and bathroom layout options, colour selection
  • Design service
  • High end customised cabinetry
  • Installation

How The Design Process Works

1. Contact us

Contact us via email, fax or phone to get the ball rolling. If it’s a new kitchen or bathroom build, please email, fax or phone your house plans and measurements with your contact details. Once we have these we can schedule a meeting to discuss your design needs.

2. Measure

For existing kitchen and bathroom renovations, a visit to your home is the best way for our team to get a feel for the space and get accurate measurements.

3. Plan & Meet

We’ll then organise a suitable time to meet at our office to discuss your exact specifications and begin the design process. Our hand sketches and computer-generated drawings will give you a realistic idea of the finished result.

4. Build & Install

Once we’ve designed a functional space you’re happy with, we can commence installation.

Book a consultation with the Sunshine Coast’s leading kitchen and bathroom cabinetmakers today.
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